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Welcome to Secure Networks

Secure Networks provides solutions, services, and technologies to make your critical information systems more secure and trustable across the global Internet.

We are a company dedicated to network related technologies and our solutions and products are focused in open source. Nowadays the simplicity, versatility and quality are very important factors. Since these are some of the strong points of the BSD operating systems, and we have a solid knowledge on it, most of our solutions and products are BSD based.

Starting on early 2005, we have deployed countless firewalls, IPSec wireless links and VPNs, file servers, mail and web servers. Between other information, you can find a list of products, solutions, a small list of our partners and clients and some other usefull documentation.

If your company need some kind of computer or network related services, we probably have an interesting solution for you. Please feel to contact us.

Just because security matters!


Secure Networks


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